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The wells for irrigation are indispensable within a system, since the management of the system flows into this point.


The irrigation pit allows you to check and view with some ease that the entire system is functioning correctly. Each irrigation system must necessarily have its own well. It is called this because it is a sort of box that serves to protect the 'beating heart' of the irrigation system, and is placed inside a small excavation in the ground. When the construction of an irrigation system is entrusted to a specialized company, the workers themselves will indicate to the customer the place where the well has been placed, because in this way they will be able to check if the irrigation system is working properly. Those who decide to build the irrigation system themselves must know how to design and build this system. The wells are considered an important element within the irrigation system, for this reason every good system must necessarily have it. Customers who want to try their hand at the construction of the system personally and do not have good knowledge can always ask for further information directly to the dealer, who, also based on the size of the system, can recommend the most suitable manhole model.

How to choose it

The well for irrigation must be chosen taking into account the characteristics of your system. For this reason, particular attention is paid to the design phase, because in this way all the elements that must be purchased to have a perfectly functioning system are defined. By going to a shop specializing in the sale of gardening items, you will realize how well the market is supplied to guarantee the customer all the accessories necessary for the construction of an irrigation system. For this reason, the customer must in any case have a minimum of knowledge in the sector in order to choose the element that actually corresponds to his needs. Sometimes, he could be assisted in the choice of the well even by a more expert person who can advise and above all help him in the placement. On the other hand, those who wish to make the purchase directly on the Internet will only have to follow the descriptive sheet that shows the specific characteristics of each model and check the cockpit through a series of photographs. In this case a good knowledge of the sector is actually necessary because it is not possible to ask for support from anyone. However, the site contains all the information that could be useful to the customer and sometimes it is also possible to contact the manager to ask for further information. In this way a relationship is created with the retailer, who can also provide advice to the customer. Also within the site it is possible to find all the information relating to the method of purchase and return if the object should show defects. For this reason, the customer, once the irrigation well has been received at home, must immediately install it and check for any malfunctions. In this case it must be sent back, while if it was purchased at a traditional store the product must be returned to solve the problem.


Costs related to irrigation wells vary depending on the model chosen. To get a clearer idea, you need to go directly to the point of sale or consult the specialized sales sites online. In this way the customer will be able to have a clearer general picture, associating characteristics and costs together and choosing the model that best corresponds to his needs. Only in this way will the customer be able to realize the cost he has to face considering that an irrigation system naturally also requires the purchase of other essential elements. Those who rely on a team for the construction of an irrigation system directly do not have this problem because everything that will be needed will be purchased directly by the workers. In any case, it is preferable to adopt the do-it-yourself strategy if it is an irrigation system with a manageable size, otherwise it is better for competent people to implement it. In addition, the irrigation system is put in place once because it guarantees excellent durability and should the customer encounter any kind of problem it is preferable to rely on a specialized worker.

Wells: irrigation system: The use of wells

Wells are indispensable elements, and are therefore considered very important by garden connoisseurs, for irrigation systems. They are more commonly called cases and are divided into many types. They can be purchased both in sales points specialized in the trade of articles, or tools for gardening, and on the internet, even if we tell you to be wary of the web, because often not all the right pieces arrive at home to assemble your well. They also require little application, and installation is very simple, in fact you don't have to call an expert gardener to place them, just take care of your garden and the wells will work on their own.

The solutions can be many, certainly the simplest is to cover by placing a vase on top, but it is also the least practical and original.

We could have wells that pass right in the middle of the terrace, the choice of the vase would not be the optimal solution.

If you have a terrace, the advice is to make sure that the level of the cockpit cover is lower than the finished flooring, in order to create a "cover" for the cockpit with the same type of floor that blends perfectly with the rest of the flooring.

Obviously this can be done in the design and construction phase of the flooring itself.

Another very effective solution is to create a raised area with a wooden platform that will completely cover the line of the wells, in this case a hatch must be created in correspondence to leave the well inspectable.

Inspectionable wells in the Garden

If, on the other hand, you have wells along the garden in the middle of the lawn, you have several possible solutions, but it always depends on the position, this must not be an obstacle to the passage:

  • Ready-made lawn inserted in an ad hoc “container” of the same size as the well that you will simply place on top. On the market they can be easily found in steel, corten steel and plastic.

  • Small low hedges, boxwood type, around the cockpit, not very invasive but covering the view of the cockpit.

  • Small creeping herbaceous plants, planted all around the well, but be careful, because the grass could damage the contents of the well or the well itself and split it.

  • Pot with a plant a small tree, uncomfortable but sometimes it can be a solution.

  • Paint the cover of the well green that blends well if the garden area is large.

  • Creation of a wooden structure that will completely cover the cockpit and the surrounding area, and will also act as a real piece of furniture.

  • Creation of a walkway if the wells are fairly aligned, there are thick plates on the market that rest dry, they can be raised easily, allowing inspection of the well if needed.

Now you just have to study the most suitable solution for your garden and get to work!

Rectangular cockpit

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Electrical wells


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Equipped with concentric pre-cut shapes on the vertical walls for the entry of the sheaths.

Green color for better camouflage in the garden.

A gasket kit can be purchased separately to make the wells impermeable to water.

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Electric wells

Electric wells


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    How to hide the wells in the garden

    Obviously they must always remain inspectable, because they will be used for any problems related to water, electricity or any other service.

    The fastest solution is to cover them by placing vases on them, but it is certainly less original, but not always practical.


    On the balcony

    If you have wells on the balcony, the best thing is to make sure that the lid of the well is at a lower level than the finished flooring, so you can make a "lid" to place on top of it with the same type of flooring. This solution, however, can be adopted when you are still in the planning and construction phase of the flooring itself.

    In the garden

    1 if you have a rolling lawn you can recreate a "tile" of the same size as the well that you will place on top

    2 you can plant small box hedges around the cockpit which will soften the view of the cockpit

    3 simply with a vase as we have already said for the balcony

    4 you can resort to painting: paint the cover of the well green which will blend in with the surrounding area

    6 if the well or more wells are located in the middle of the garden, you can create wooden tiles that will act as walkways and furnishing elements

    7 if the wells are located close to structures such as pergolas and gazebos, you can create a container, for example in iron, for the well and fill it with pebbles.

    For more information we are waiting for you at our nursery at KM 37 of the Regional Road 68, Casato (Volterra).

    What is it? better than your reviews and opinions to evaluate a product like a Garden Wells?

    Looking at it through an online store won't let us? to see for nothing the Garden wells in operation live and even go to a shop will not allow us? to give us a precise opinion on the various brands.

    Often the shops, even the most? supplied, they tend to source only certain brands, which push and advise the user without caring whether the proposed models are really the best for customers.

    On our site you will find the best ranking for your Garden wells, a ranking divided by brands, models, characteristics and sizes.

    Trust our independent ranking of the best brands for your choice, you won't regret it!

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    Prestressed reinforced concrete

    Electrical connections in the wells? Plastic hose for electric wire in the garden? WELL-CABLES-ELECTRICAL-SEAL. Garden hose fittings. The possibility of being able to use the garden even in the evening depends on the.

    Wall part of a garden electrical system.

    At the bottom of the vacuum left by the pipe, the corrugation from the well must appear. I am facing the transformation of a vegetable garden into a garden! Situation: I have big thick corrugatons, the orange ones from, by eye, 8cm in diameter, which. The cockpit is positioned in a corner of the garden, then maybe the lady. Outdoor wells are needed to build an irrigation system. Wall-mounted electric water heater Ferroli calypso 1VE vertical. Find out how to make a plant with garden wells, what are theirs.

    This is a very important thing because in case of excavations to be carried out.

    Technical characteristics Manhole covers manholes sturdy green garden systems :. Another garden tool. In the absence of a photovoltaic garden lighting system, it will be necessary to prepare an electrical connection, it will be necessary to bring. SUMMARY DESCRIPTION OF THE WORKS TO BE REALIZED. Making an electrical system in the garden is used to supply electricity to the light points of external lighting.

    Cockpit with pedestrian cover. Better to avoid do-it-yourself solutions. Cheap garden lamps are a viable solution in all of those. Design colored iron garden fountains.

    Available circular, rectangular also in maxi sizes. Brico Giardino Animali ›Gardening›. Electric cable length m. In this article we find out how to make an electrical system for. The first thing to do when designing a system.

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