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Gratings and windbreaks, although they have a substantially different structure, can perform the same function, the former allow, through climbing plants to close a space, the latter, although their main function would be to shelter from the wind, ensure greater privacy. Gratings are used not only in the garden but also on the balcony and terrace because they can be easily placed anywhere. In the specific case of the garden, they are used above all around the gazebo to create a more reserved space, the climbing plant, while preventing you from seeing beyond, still allows light and air to pass through. There are several climbing plants that can be used, once planted they will grow directly on the grid without having particular problems. The grating can be directly joined to the pot that houses the plant or the plant is directly in the ground and therefore the grating must be fixed. The fixing in the ground must take place at a certain depth, ... continue

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continue ..., otherwise there is a risk that gusts of wind can compromise not only its stability but can also damage the plant itself. The grill is an excellent separé to have distinct spaces in the garden. The windbreak is a structure that was born, as the word underlines, to shelter from the wind but is used in gardens to have a fence, especially for those gardens that are located on the border. Often the grating and the windbreak are used together to create a fence with a very particular look. Unlike the grating, the windbreak is completely closed so it is not appropriate to use it for the gazebo. If the windbreak is used to divide two areas of the garden, an opening must always be left that allows passage and therefore you can also choose a more characteristic structure that can give it a more pleasant aesthetic appearance. of the grills and windbreaks is undoubtedly wood. In the garden it is a material that goes perfectly with whatever style is already present and also has certain characteristics that make it particularly suitable. To be continuously exposed to the action of rain, the wood must be subjected to treatments which, while preserving its natural beauty, make it particularly resistant. If the grating is placed directly on a wooden planter, it is important to check that the latter has been made by interposing plastic, otherwise the contact between the wet ground and the wood would lead to a deterioration process. The wood keeps quite well and even in the case of the windbreak, it must be remembered that periodically it may be necessary to retouch. The maintenance of wood serves precisely to maintain its beauty unchanged. For those who do not want to orient themselves on wood, they can always decide to buy a plastic grating, even if certainly the aesthetic result will be considerably lower. The plastic is usually green in color and the grating can also fold on itself to take up little space when it needs to be stored. Generally it is always advisable to prefer the wooden grating, even if obviously it will have a different cost but it is able to ensure a certainly better aesthetic result. For those who already have many planters available, you can always decide to adapt only the grating. The grating and windbreak can be purchased at garden stores or DIY stores. The windbreak is also often used in agriculture to protect crops from the harmful action of the wind, so it is also sold in specialized shops in this sector. On the internet it is possible to find grilles and windbreaks of any size, and in a short time it is possible to have a complete picture of everything that the market offers. Those who want to make a windbreak themselves will only have to go to a carpentry shop to buy the wood.The costs increase if you buy the planter together with the grating and if you prefer wood instead of plastic, of course everything is very relative because it depends above all on the use that will be made of it. Wanting to enclose your fairly large garden with a series of windbreaks will have a sustained cost, the choice can then also be oriented on alternating windbreaks with grills. The purchase of a grating requires the purchase of a climbing plant unless you already have it in the garden. Do not hesitate further before collecting a series of useful information, through this new section, on the world of garden grills and windbreaks. Only in this way, in fact, can you guarantee moments of authentic relaxation in your green corner, making the most of the style you have chosen to adopt for the furniture.

Our goal, in fact, is to present you with a series of alternatives relating to these two types of product, in such a way as to make you always make a series of decisions in absolute awareness and discover both how to preserve moments of privacy in the garden, both like protecting yourself from the wind. In short, we are presenting you with a great opportunity.

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