Technique and inventory

  • Hello, I have such a problem: a friend gave the old Calm-361, but he does not want to start. As it starts, it stalls immediately. I unscrewed the candle, it is wet. What does it mean? Andrey Good afternoon! ...

  • I have Calm-250, old man, there was a problem: it starts up on a cold one without problems, you start it on a hot horseradish until you burn the unburned mixture through the muffler. I put a new candle, washed and cleaned the filter, washed the carburetor too. ...

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Technique and inventory

  • Kitchen accessories
  • Aero grills
  • Blenders
  • Shredders
  • Yoghurt makers
  • Coffee makers and coffee machines
  • Coffee grinders
  • Kitchen scales
  • Food processors
  • microwaves
  • Multicooker (rice cooker)
  • Meat grinder
  • Other small household appliances
  • Toasters
  • Electric grills
  • Electric kettles and thermopots household
  • Egg cookers
  • For baking
  • Storage containers
  • Pots, ladles, goose pans
  • Knife sets and knife stands
  • Cookware sets
  • Sugar bowls, oil cans, salt shakers
  • Pans and lids
  • Pressure cookers
  • Graters
  • Vacuum flasks and heat-insulating dishes
  • Teapots, teapots

Wholesale of garden tools in Kiev

You can buy wholesale tools for the garden and vegetable garden in our online store. These are various items that are used in one way or another in the garden. With their own garden or vegetable garden, every gardener needs a hose. This is a special design with which you can water the crop. You can find a suitable option in our store. Products differ in size.

Another popular item is squirts. They can be useful not only to the owners of their own plots. Such elements will also be needed at home. They are useful for watering and caring for houseplants. Distinguished by a robust design, such products will serve their owners for a long time.

Various tools such as forks, hoes and saws are also needed on your own site. With their compact size, they are durable. They are multifunctional and durable products that do their job well.

Garden equipment and tools

We do not position ourselves as an online store of garden tools, but we are well versed in this industry too. The Unpack TV (Rozpakuy TB) marketplace will interest even the most harmful buyer with its assortment. Perhaps now is the time to choose equipment for your summer cottage and garden? There is everything here, lawn mowers, sprinklers, rakes and shovels, irrigation systems, garden equipment.

Garden equipment is a large category with many products for avid gardeners and novice gardeners. If you have been gardening for a couple of years and have been doing it at the amateur level, then you should not buy garden equipment, start by looking at the category of country equipment. The Unpack TV (Rozpakuy TB) marketplace will provide everything for soil care and planting, from a bucket and a boot, to a hose and special systems for the care and maintenance of the crop. We are sure that you can find more here than in any online gardening store. Do not believe me, then compare yourself.

Garden equipment should be purchased in advance, before the start of the harvest or for the first time days of the sowing season. The variety of models is great, but you can order online now.


YOU CAN ASK ALL QUESTIONS BY PRESSING THE "ASK A QUESTION TO THE ORGANIZER" BUTTON! We will tell you about the composition, method of application, skin / hair type and other criteria. The product description was translated from French by ourselves. Therefore, if you have any questions or doubts, we will always answer in a message!

there will be an additional order for 3-4 days

ATTENTION WE RISE CAREFULLY. I DO confirmation immediately and buy it from the supplier.

Participants with a negative rating or rating less than 1 PREPAYMENT TO STOP 100%.
(you write a message that you want to pay to the stop, if there is no message - you do not participate, I cancel your order without warning!)

Refunds of excessively or erroneously paid funds are made within 10 working days from the date of receipt of a correctly completed application for a refund of funds from the participant.

"We change the marriage according to the rules, no later than 10 days from the beginning of the distribution." - from the moment the goods are delivered to the point of distribution

Colors may differ from the screen due to the difference in perception, as well as when photographing, and the screen itself may also distort color.
The color of the goods is guaranteed 100% if indicated in the name or article of the goods.
Products marked MIX from a supplier may come in different colors or designs.

Delivery of goods is possible in batches.
Returns are possible, which becomes known after the arrival of the goods!

The warehouse is very mobile, so I will confirm and book every day! If the order is not confirmed within 24 hours, then it is over.

A huge request to make your orders deliberately, it is no longer possible to refuse confirmed orders.

Attention. The product may come in DAMAGED PACKAGING, the main product is always intact.
I collect and send ONLY WHOLE and CHECKED goods to PO, please,
in order to avoid misunderstandings, check the order upon receipt at PO.

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