Flowers mascots of the zodiac sign Pisces

Calendar of mascot plants of the zodiac sign Pisces

From February 20 to March 20 The sun goes by zodiacal constellation Pisces... People born under the sign of Pisces are very emotional. They tend to take everything to heart. It is difficult for them to be realistic and objectively relate to the world around them. They often have vivid imaginations and great creativity.

Let's consider the peculiarities of the influence of some mascot plants on the psychology and health of people born under the sign of Pisces and helping to solve their emotional problems.

It is useful to have flowers-mascots of Pisces in the house for employees of charitable organizations, poets, photographers, rescuers, social security workers.

Siderasis brownish

Herbaceous plant from the Commeline family - the Tradescantia group. His homeland is South America. The stem of the plant is shortened, the leaves are collected in a rosette. They are obovate, green in color with a silvery stripe along the midvein, purple or red underneath, pubescent with brown hairs. Purple flowers up to 2.5 cm in diameter. The plant is demanding on air humidity. Better to keep it in a terrarium.

Psychologically, siderasis creates a calming background, which is especially useful for overly emotional individuals, helps to endure resentment more easily, resist a bad mood, gain self-confidence, not give up at the first difficulties and, ultimately, not become dependent on circumstances.

With its sedative effect, siderasis helps to overcome insomnia, helps to strengthen the lymphatic and endocrine systems of the body; instilling calm confidence, he helps to learn to walk after an injury of the musculoskeletal system, to develop a correct gait.

For the energy of the house, siderasis is useful in that it creates an atmosphere of cozy tranquility and helps to smooth out the conflict between a strong desire to do something and the inability to implement it. This is especially important for children who are mastering handicrafts, music, when solving complex mathematical problems, when, having started a business, a person gets confused, upset and falls into a whiny state.

The fat woman is lyciform

A plant from the succulent family. Its erect branching stems are completely covered with small scales. Requires moderate watering. Loves fresh air. Prefers day and night temperatures to be significantly different. Easily rooted by cutting.

The lymphatic fat woman is interesting not only to flower growers born under the sign of Pisces, but also to many people suffering from emotional and physical stress. In addition, the fat woman helps to restrain irritability in dealing with children, and in children it relieves nervousness during learning.

The fat woman is useful in that it helps to neutralize physical stress for those people who are on their feet all day, it is also useful for antispasmodic pains. Thanks to the fat woman, a person begins to spend energy more economically and get tired less.

In the house and in the microcollective, the fat woman provides stress relief from both negative and positive emotions, and as a result, the atmosphere itself helps the individual to relax.

Papyrus (cyperus)

An evergreen plant from the sedge family. His homeland is tropical Africa. Stems are green, slender, up to 1.5 m tall. The leaves are collected with an umbrella, up to 20 cm long. Papyrus loves abundant watering and a warm room. Leaves need systematic spraying. Propagated by dividing the plant and apical stem cuttings.

The papyrus is primarily useful for those who are engaged in intense mental work. It will also help those who need to master a large amount of information in a short time. Papyrus is especially useful to its owner at the initial stage of acquiring any kind of knowledge, be it elementary school, first year of college or higher educational institution. It helps a person to take an interested step on one or another path of knowledge and at the same time protects from mental overwork, helps him to show sincerity and kindness.

It also helps its owner to relax, makes his sleep more efficient - it takes less time to get enough sleep; promotes cleansing of the lymphatic and endocrine systems.

Papyrus is of particular importance for the energy of the home and the microcollective. He is good in those homes where people have to talk a lot. Cleans the atmosphere of the room from the energy of words and thoughts of liars and sly ones, protecting the house from empty, annoying sounds, and team members from energy depletion.

Flowers mascots of the zodiac signs:
Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Larisa Pavlova, astropsychologist

Horoscope according to the signs of the zodiac for the gardener

Recommendations for care and sowing are carried out taking into account the Seasonal and Lunar calendar of work for the current month. The date of planting is chosen taking into account the seasonality, the climate of the region, the duration of the growing season of plants. When determining the time interval for the work, information about the influence of the signs of the zodiac and the phases of the moon is taken into account.

The representative of the first constellation of the fire element, is ruled by Mars. An unfavorable sign, astrologers recommend refraining from sowing seeds - the plants will grow quickly, but they will stretch in length. It is allowed to plant green spices - parsley, dill, basil.

If the moon is growing, fruit trees can be planted. In the diminishing phase, the harvest is carried out. When the heavenly body is in the constellation Aries, cultivation and weeding are carried out. Sowing of plants with a growing season of more than 25 days, pruning, picking, fertilizing with mineral fertilizers, organic matter is not recommended.


  • preparation of planting material for winter storage
  • planting crops with a long growing season
  • procurement of medicinal plants
  • homemade marinades, pickles, pickles
  • grafting of fruit trees.

On the waning moon, plants are watered, loosened, organic matter and mineral fertilizers are applied. The time is favorable for sowing legumes, cabbage, bulbous plants - when planted on a growing moon, crops will give friendly shoots, it will be possible to get a harvest according to varietal characteristics. It is not recommended to dive, transplant and weed vegetable crops.


The first constellation of the element of Air is ruled by the planet Mercury. The sign is considered dry and sterile, not suitable for most garden work - sowing seeds, diving, watering plants. The time is favorable for climbing and ornamental plants that have whiskers (peas, beans, strawberries).

In the waning phase of the Moon, fruits are harvested for winter storage, fungicidal and insecticidal treatments of crops, and firewood is collected. When the month is in the growing stage, loosening is carried out without watering, hilling, cultivation. Sowing seeds, transplanting, diving seedlings is undesirable.

Constellation of water, beneficial for planting, caring and harvesting plants. What can you do on your personal plot:

  • work with planting material - soak seeds, cuttings, transplant
  • dive seedlings
  • harvest for long-term storage, if the fruiting part of the plant is the roots
  • procure medicinal raw materials
  • make homemade preparations - pickling, marinades, pickles.

If the constellation is in the waning moon, the time is favorable for composting and feeding with organic matter. When the month is in the growing phase, plantings can be fed with mineral fertilizers. Astrologers do not recommend working with climbing plants, treating plantings with chemicals, and harvesting root crops.

The second sign of the element of Fire, sterile and unfavorable for sowing seeds and working with seedlings. Watering with fertilizing is prohibited - plants will poorly absorb moisture and nutrients from the soil. When the heavenly body is in the sign of Leo, you can harvest crops in which the fruiting part is the roots.

On the waning moon, gardeners carry out molding and sanitary pruning, remove lateral shoots, tops from fruit trees. During the week before the Full Moon, the seeds are placed in winter storage, the flowers are cut - the bouquets are well stored and tolerate transportation.

The sign of the Earth is considered dry, infertile. What kind of work is recommended to be carried out on a personal plot and in a household:

  • insecticidal, acaricidal, fungicidal treatments
  • indoor flower transplant
  • cultivation, soil loosening, weed control
  • hedge care
  • irrigation planning
  • replanting trees and bushes
  • lawn mowing.

A fertile zodiac sign for a summer resident - the constellation is ruled by Venus. On the growing moon, you can work with roses, shrubs, sow seeds, rooting cuttings. The time is favorable for working with indoor flowers, spicy greens, cereals. Gardeners carry out shaping and sanitary pruning, processing of fruit trees from diseases and pests.

When the month is in Libra, you can do household chores - baking dough, canning vegetables for the winter, mowing the lawn. Astrologers do not recommend planting trees, carrying out insecticidal and fungicidal treatments of crops.


A fertile sign ruled by the planet Mars. On the site and in the household it is allowed:

  • work with planting material
  • grafting, pruning of fruit trees
  • harvesting plants with a fruiting part - tops
  • planting plants with a long growing season
  • fertilization, dressing
  • pickling cabbage.

Transplanting indoor plants, watering, loosening seedlings will be successful. When the Moon is in Scorpio, they do not perform tasks related to root crops - dividing, digging. If you dig up potatoes these days, the fruits will be watery, and the crop will not be well stored.


The third sign of the fire element is ruled by Jupiter, dry and unfertile. What work can be done:

  • planting bulbous, climbing plants
  • digging, loosening the soil
  • thinning of plantings
  • canning
  • cleaning of plants, in which the fruiting part is roots.

An arid sign is unfavorable for watering seedlings - moisture will be poorly absorbed. Since plants are sensitive to mechanical damage, pruning, diving of seedlings, hilling are prohibited. On days when the Moon is in Sagittarius, you can clean the greenhouse, prepare compost.


The sign is moderately fertile and is dominated by Saturn. Vegetable seeds sown during this period give friendly shoots. The time is favorable for cultivating the soil, treating crops with pesticides. Transplantation, picking, cultivation, hilling of plants will be successful. Gardeners carry out ongoing activities for the care of the garden - pruning, grafting, harvesting cuttings.


A barren sign that prohibits watering, feeding, transplanting crops. The seeds sown on the days of the Moon in the constellation of Aquarius do not germinate well, the seedlings wither. The time is favorable for work:

  • loosening without watering, hilling the ground
  • insecticidal, fungicidal treatments
  • shaping, sanitary pruning
  • preparation of seeds for winter storage
  • digging out bulbous plants
  • cutting flowers.

A productive sign, under the auspices of Jupiter. The time is favorable for sowing vegetables and ornamental crops, fertilizers, fertilizing, transplanting, diving seedlings. Procurement of medicinal herbs and watering of plants will be successful. It is undesirable to preserve vegetables, prepare wine, bake pastries. Astrologers do not recommend preparing soil mixtures - the fertile soil will be infected with a fungus.

When choosing a date for gardening, take into account not only the constellation, but also the phase of the moon. When the celestial body is in a growing phase, work is favorable for planting and harvesting crops, in which the fruiting part is tops, for the waning moon they work with roots and root crops. Even in productive signs, it is not recommended to carry out garden work in the New Moon phase.


Plants with openwork translucent foliage, abundantly blooming with bright small flowers, are suitable for representatives of this air sign with a controversial friendly character and a creative mindset:

  • Asparagus. Calms fidgets and creates a light and calm atmosphere at home.
  • Tradescantia. Does not allow negative energy from envious people to enter the house.
  • Ivy. Suitable for those who want to cope with emotional addiction, get rid of complexes.
  • Chlorophytum. Helps to find solutions to complex problems, awakens a sense of humor.
Chlorophytum. Illustration for this article is used under a standard license ©

Fuchsia Hybrid

These indoor flowers cleanse the atmosphere of the home from stagnant energy. Conservative, fanatically appreciating the traditions of Cancer, with their help, they will cope with their excessive sense of duty, fear of change. Fuchsia will give vigor, bring a mood of joy, a spirit of creativity to the house, and help to find a fresh solution to long-standing problems. It will help get rid of the isolation of the zodiac sign, find new acquaintances, the joy of communication, interest in new sensations, activities, people.

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