Super Bowl Vegetable Dishes: Make A Super Bowl Spread From Your Harvest

To the diehard fan, it’s never too early to start planning for a stellar Super Bowl party. Given that there are months to plan ahead, why not try growing your own Super Bowl food? That’s right! With a little forethought and planning, you can create a Super Bowl Sunday spread from the garden.

Don’t panic carnivores! Super Bowl vegetable dishes won’t be the only things on the menu. How about pickled jalapenos to go on those grilled burgers? Keep reading to learn more Super Bowl feast ideas.

Super Bowl Sunday from the Garden?

In our household, every year, there’s one guy who must bringhis “famous” chicken wings and another couple that has too bring their BBQ ribs.This starts the menu out with some significant protein, but what about thosewho want to lighten things up or avoid meat entirely?

Fear not, there are plenty of Super Bowl feast ideas thatare exciting and tasty and can come directly from your veggie garden. A littleplanning might be in order if you want to provide the Super Bowl fiestaingredients from the garden, however.

Growing Your Own Super Bowl Food

The key to a vegetarian menu that will wow the armchairfootball fan is variety. When I say variety, I not only mean a variety ofveggies but also a variety of herbs, different textures and differenttemperatures should be served. For example, incorporate some hot items withchilled and some spicy with creamy into your Super Bowl feast ideas.

When planning the garden, you should plant a variety ofveggies and don’t forget the herbs.What would salsa be like without fresh cilantro?Tomatoesare a must have for most gardeners but what about tomatillosor peppers,both sweet and hot? Onions,yes, but include leeksor shallotsas well.

Greens,such as a nice variety of lettuceor some bokchoy and kale,should be included. Include some broccoliand carrotsat the very least for veggie trays, and some root veggies which can be preparedin a variety of ways, not the least are fried root veggie chips sprinkled withsea salt.

Beansof any variety, whether they are shelling beans or green, will be a welcomeaddition when growing your own Super Bowl food. Peasas well. Snap peas with spicy hummus are a revelation and take very littleeffort. Really, the list could go on and on. A garden that has been plantedwith a variety of veggies will allow the party giver numerous options.

How to Make a Super Bowl Spread

No one knows at this juncture who will be playing the SuperBowl, but as things progress and the outcome seems assured, a great idea foryour gala is to include the colors of the combatants. For instance, if greenwill be the color of one of the teams, you could make cucumber rolls with avocadoor crispy garlic Brusselsprouts with sriracha aoli. Fried edamamecan’t be any easier or there’s always crowd-pleasing guacamole. If red is thecolor of your favorite team, cheer them on with bruschetta bites with balsamicglaze or puff pastry margarita tartlets with fresh basil.

At any rate, you get the gist. Even if you aren’t into thethematic color schemes, you can still provide vegetarian options of classics likegrilled hamburgers by substituting grilled Portobellamushrooms with caramelized onions and gorgonzola, or homemade pico de galloinstead of jarred salsa.

Dips and the Super Bowl go hand in hand…with beer. Trymaking your own green goddess dip made with fresh herbs or onion dip. Pizzaanyone? Mini grilled pizzas of your choice will make them forget their team islosing. Try combinations such as:

  • garlic,arugulaand goat cheese
  • olive,spinach,tomato and onion
  • sweet pearor applewith gorgonzola

Super Bowl vegetable dishes don’t have to be boring. Spicybuffalo caulifloweror leek, spinach and feta spanikopita are anything but blasé. Fry up a batch oftruffle French fries or a side of sweetpotato fries garnished with lavenderand bleu cheese with a sherry vinegar aioli.

Any one of these Super Bowl feast ideas will have your meat-lovingfriends in a tizzy with nary a complaint about the lack of animal protein whileyour vegetarian friends (who often get stuck with little to no choice at aparty) will be singing your praises. So whether or not your favorite team wins,at least you know you, the Super Bowl gardener, will!

Find Super Bowl 2021 deals at these chain restaurants

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Super Bowl LV will be different this year, thanks to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Some of the restaurant promotions look different, too. Wings are a given. There’s a prediction from the National Chicken Council that football fans will consume 1.42 billion of them on game day, Sunday, Feb. 7, as they watch the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar is pitching its catering menu for the game, and other chains have decided that their family packs, a COVID-19 dining trend, are appropriate for the big game.

Here’s a sampling of what’s being offered.

BJ’s Brewhouse: “Homegating Packs” include one large deep dish pizza chips and choice of dip choice of two appetizers and a 64-ounce growler with beer or a non-alcoholic beverage for $64.95.

Black Angus Steakhouse: Game day-only offers include four cheeseburgers with fries, salad and eight chocolate chip cookies for $59.99. There is also a $29.99 Happy Hour To-Go pack with loaded potato skins, garlic bread, fried zucchini, a steak quesadilla, and choice of wine, beer or non-alcoholic beverages. A build-your-own feast that serves 10-12 includes options such as chipotle-Buffalo chicken tenders for $31.99 and four racks of baby back ribs for $99.99.

Blaze Pizza: The Pasadena-based chain is offering one large pepperoni pizza for $9.95 or a Party of One Bundle with an 11-inch, one-topping pizza and fountain drink for $7.95.

Buffalo Wild Wings: This promotion happens after the game. If it goes into overtime, everybody in United States and Canada and get six bone-in or boneless wings for free on Feb. 22 between 4-7 p.m. in whatever time zone they’re in. The offer is good for pickup or dine-in.

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit: The Dallas-based chain is pushing ribs and wings for Super Bowl, but a spot check of its Southern California locations showed wings are not available. Ribs are available in six, 9, 12, 18 or 24 pieces at $15.50-$58. It sells several party packs with meats, sides, and rolls for $135-$155. And according to a news release, there’s a “Kids Eat Free Sunday” promotion good for one free kids meal with orders more than $10 and the code KEFOLO,

Dog Haus: The Pasadena-based chain will offer all-day happy hour, and select locations will be selling 30-wing packs for $62, including two sauces. Packs with 24 sliders are available with cheeseburgers, $44 pastrami, $52 and Impossible Burger, $68.

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar: The full-service restaurant chain is offering party packs on its catering menu that serve four to six people. A three-course filet mignon menu includes six 8-ounce steaks with choice of a signature butter to top them with, salad, two sides and dessert for $360. Bone-in ribeye is $280 for four people and $390 for six. The catering menu also includes such sides and chipotle-cheddar mac & cheese serving 12 for $55.

Ike’s Love & Sandwiches: App purchases of $20 or more get a $5 discount, according to a news release.

Panda Express: A Family Meal Deal costs $29 and includes three entrees and two sides.

Smashburger: The Pulled Pork Tailgater Burger will cost $5 on Game Day, single patty only, according to a news release.

Veggie Grill: Vegetarians can get a family meal deal for $39.95 four entrees, two sides, and one starter.

Yoshinoya Japanese Kitchen: Diners can order a $14.99 Combo Feast through the Yoshinoya app, according to a news release. It includes two combo bowls, four spring rolls and four boneless wings. Use the coupon code BIGGAME.

25+ Keto-Approved Appetizers Perfect for Any Super Bowl Party

Stick to low-carb, sugar-free party appetizers that anyone will find tasty.

Super Bowl Sunday may be the one food holiday that most keto dieters can rest easy — after all, there's plenty of meats, cheese, and dairy-filled dips to be had. While party favorites like chips and crackers may be off the menu, that doesn't mean you can't add a side of crudité to save the day (or create chips out of cheese!). You'll be able to create one heck of a cheese plate to start soft and hard cheeses are all keto-approved, and they're delicious alongside fried zucchini chips and keto-approved boxed goodies.

If you're going the store-bought snack route, just be sure to stay clear of added sugars in dips, sauces, bagged snacks, and convenience foods. Carbohydrates may be easier to dodge and spot from a mile away, but sugar can hide in things like ketchup, salad dressings, canned and dried fruits (especially those in nut mixes!), and tea, among other things. Something as innocent as spicy trail mix from your local grocery store could threaten to send your body ricocheting off ketosis. It's best to stick to classics like cheesy keto nachos and popcorn, among others.

Don't believe us? Just check out this list of keto-friendly Super Bowl snacks that even non-keto dieters will love. We've got recipes that will work as appetizers (hello, bacon and cheese deviled eggs) or even cuts of tender protein (looking at you spicy jerk drumsticks). We've also thrown in a couple of low-carb dessert options because everyone deserves a treat.

2019 Super Bowl food: 15 popular Super Bowl party snacks, ranked from worst to first

The Super Bowl is today, and you're going to be hungry. When you watch a Super Bowl, there's nothing like sitting down with an amazing spread to gorge on during the game. Bhat food will you trust to make the weeks of planning worth it when the Patriots face the Rams on Sunday?

If you're watching Super Bowl LIII (which you can stream on or via CBS All Access), I'm guessing you're going to be eating at some point during the contest, if not the entire night. Remember, for many people, the Big Game is more like the Big Gulp -- a wintertime Thanksgiving for football fans, their friends and, best of all, the people who pretend to be both. So what better way to prepare for Super Sunday than by sizing up some of the most popular game-day snacks?

From Gladys Knight's anthem to who will score first to Maroon 5 to the Super Bowl MVP, get everything you need to make the right picks for Sunday in our Ultimate Super Bowl Props guide.

Here's one writer's breakdown of eats that may or may not be on your menu, from trash to treasure, worst to first:

15. Quiche

I have to confess something: I only included this so that I can ridicule it and, if all goes well, save others from its wrath. Oh, I'm sorry -- you enjoy eating runny egg pies? I'm sure there are some good ones out there, but I think I'd prefer to just revert to memories from when I was 11 and pretend that's not true. You can do so much better.

14. Chicken wings

Whoa! This list is garbage, you're probably yelling to yourself. Well just hold on a minute there, chief. I know the Internet has eviscerated our ability to read stories from start to finish, but if you keep on scrolling, you'll find that I'm not actually trashing the sacred relic of Super Bowl Sunday. What I mean by "chicken wings" here is a very specific, very sad rendition of the wing -- the bone-in type whose meat is buried under too much sauce and a slimy skin akin to salty Jell-O or a literal rubber chicken. Are you sick yet?

13. Pigs in a blanket

Did I just hear you break your keyboard? Listen, this isn't a bad snack, by any means. It's just that I'd rather take the 12 things ahead of it. Baked right, these can be a treat, and more often than not, the piggies aren't the problem. It's those darned soiled blankets. You can get by with store-brand wieners, but as soon as their blankey gets all soggy from hot-dog juice and starts sticking to the pigs like wet bread, you might as well just swallow the things whole.

12. Crackers and cheese

Plain, I know. And there's no way you can serve this without keeping the beverage coolers nearby. (Nothing says "dry" like a slice of sharp cheddar and a Triscuit.) It's not a bad assortment, though, especially considering the variations of crackers -- cheesy, seedy, wheaty -- and cheeses you can pair together. It's a snack not unlike a multi-purpose running back -- good at lots of things but not great at one specific thing.

11. Veggies on a tray

I can dig a nice grape tomato, some cucumber slices and carrot sticks. (I am not a rabbit.) Seriously, veggies are underappreciated. Eat more of them. But I'm not a simpleton (or a rabbit, remember), so I understand the need for some flair. While I won't turn down a crispy, Ranch-dipped snack any other day, Super Bowl Sunday just doesn't always seem like the best place and time for our garden friends.

10. Sub sandwiches

What better way to stave off hunger but save room for heavier snacks than with subs? Just think White Castle sliders, except without the laxative patties -- mini meals that get you your meat, veggies and bread without stuffing you by halftime. If you're including optional toppings, from pickles to mayo (and no, that does not mean Miracle Whip), even better. It's a picnic in a bun.

9. Candy

If we're going to watch football, we might as well rot our teeth while we're doing it! Candy is a bittersweet option (no pun intended -- just kidding it's intended). Because while it'll keep your kids busy and has all kinds of variations, it's simply bound to get old by the end of the night. "Oh, another Twix bar? I've had 13 already, but . don't mind if I do." A pro tip if you're searching for the right sweet: Crispy M&Ms are the Earth's hidden gem.

8. Nachos

This doubles as chips and salsa and/or guacamole, which you'll definitely pay too much for. I'm not really sure how to properly police a nacho plate, which is messy enough to demand utensils but somehow still screams, "Touch me!" Yet the combination here really delivers: Cheese, meat, jalapenos and, if you're a true fan, an assortment of cilantro, chives, onions and tomatoes. ¡Buen provecho!

7. Chicken wings

See, I told you we'd revisit this. Get yourself a wing that's closer to crunchy than slimy, and you've got yourself a bird worth eating. If we were judging crowd-pleasers, in fact, this might be No. 1. Just be sure to supply napkins. Oh, and because I'm a Millennial, I guess I'll recommend grabbing a few boneless ones, too.

6. Pizza

Unlike quiche (*gag*), this is a pie worth fighting for. Thick crust, thin crust, it doesn't matter. Whether you're ordering in or baking your own (yeah right), pizza isn't a hard sell. And if you need an explanation as to why, maybe just try pizza some time. Also, just to be clear, if anyone has a problem with pineapple as a topping, they probably don't belong at your party anyway.

5. Ribs

They aren't any cleaner than wings or nachos, and I'm pretty sure you need some kind of degree or special license to cook them correctly. But I'm writing this with the assumption that any ribs I eat will be prepared by someone else, so that takes care of that. In any event, these tender treats are like the boom-or-bust item of Super Bowl snacks. Done right, they're championship material.

4. Cookies

My wife has churned out batches of homemade chocolate chip cookies at least once a month (the marriage is definitely working, as is my blood sugar), and I'm still not sick of them. Why? Because they're cookies! The only thing that could make them better is milk, so if you're willing to dip into your life savings in order to afford enough gallons for the whole party, I won't stop you.

3. Pretzels

If we're talking soft pretzels and you end up with dry ones, it's kind of like chewing warm mattress, but even in that scenario, you still get little salt nuggets along the way. Think of the versatility here: Rods, twists, sticks and crisps -- seasoned with anything from honey to Ranch to chocolate to sodium, which we obviously don't get enough of. Quite simply, they go with everything, and their salty-sweet flexibility makes them appetizing from the start of game day until the clock hits :00.

2. Potato chips

Crispy. Salty. Sometimes lardy. Doesn't that just define America? These things are so familiar you'd think we'd be tired of them by now, but that alone speaks to their dominance. They've got the versatility of the pretzel, with a flavor far better. They work as a side, or as a full-plate filler. They may be laced with nicotine. And they can leave everlasting impressions: Like the sight of an adorable little grease stain or the scrumptious crunch of a sea-salt kettle.

1. Chili

We present The Mother of All Snacks™. The Beef Behemoth™. The Queen of Bean™. Like ribs and wings, it really packs enough punch to be its own meal. Except it's also perfectly catered for a chilly February evening. It's up to you how spicy you want to get -- from child-friendly mild to burn-your-esophagus hot. But no matter what, it's hard to go wrong with chili. It's hearty, it's zesty, it's warm, it's relatively healthy, and it's good to stew all day. Voice-over voice: You're gonna like the way it tastes. I guarantee it.

Super Bowl To-Go Food, Freebies & Deals 2021: Greater L.A.

    Susan C. Schena , Patch Staff
Restaurants throughout the Los Angeles area are standing by with special menu offers for your at-home, Super Bowl LV festivities. (Shutterstock)

SLAB BBQ in Los Angeles offers Super Bowl takeout ribs, wings, chicken, brisket and more. (Courtesy of SLAB/Kathryn Ballay -

The "Butchered Burger" is among game-day specials at Baltaire Restaurant in Brentwood/LA. (Courtesy of Baltaire)

Sam's Crispy Chicken locales in Southland and San Francisco are featuring a $35 "Big Game Spread." (Courtesy of Sam's Crispy Chicken)

A "Steakhouse Cheeseburger Meal Pack" is among Super Bowl offerings at Black Angus Steakhouses throughout the Golden State. (Courtesy of Black Angus)

The three Madre! eateries in Greater L.A. are featuring a Super Bowl feast with tacos and cocktelito. (Courtesy of Madre/Credit: Jakob Layman)

Take $5 off orders of $20+ on Super Bowl Sunday at Ike's Love & Sandwich shops statewide. (Credit: Juliann Cheryl)

Red Lobster makes easy game-day game planning with "Big Game Bundles." (Courtesy of Red Lobster)

Umami Burger in Los Angeles/Orange counties and San Francisco Bay Area prep an "Ultimate Game Day Feast." (Courtesy of Umami Burger)

IHOP's new "Game Day Family Feast" is on the menu for a limited time. (Courtesy of IHOP)

Enjoy the game with family-sized, sushi packs and drink specials from Sushi Roku in Pasadena, Santa Monica and Newport Beach. (Photo credit: Innovative Dining Group (IDG))

BOA’s Ultimate Fried Chicken Bucket could be the ideal meal for Super Bowl Sunday. (Photo credit: Innovative Dining Group (IDG))

Katana in West Hollywood has sushi family packs and game-day drink specials for takeout. (Photo credit: Innovative Dining Group (IDG))

Yard House's "Tailgate Takeout Pack" special is ready to go for game day. (Courtesy of Yard House)

San Pedro Fish Market's "Big Game Tray" can be ordered through Feb. 7. (Courtesy of San Pedro Fish Market)

Pop!s Burgers & Shakes features $40 takeout deal with burgers, wings, fries & drinks in Santa Monica. (Courtesy of Pop!s Burgers & Shakes )

Playa Provisions adds a "Super Bowl Pack" to the menu. (Courtesy of Playa Provisions)

Two donuts go head-to-head at L.A.-area Randy’s Donuts on Super Bowl weekend. (Courtesy of Randy’s Donuts)

Pieology is featuring a $5 delivery discount on Super Bowl Sunday. P.S. The pizzas don't actually come with the "pepperoni football." Just a fun photo. (Courtesy of Pieology)

Blaze Pizza has "Big Game" pizza specials. (Courtesy of Blaze Pizza)

Patxi’s Pizza has a pizza & wings & salad & garlic bread combo pack ready to go on Feb. 7. (Courtesy of Patxi’s Pizza)

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit offers big deals for the "Big Game." (Courtesy of Dickey’s Barbecue Pit)

Take home Cassia's “La Zi Ji” - a spicy popcorn chicken hoagie - for Game Day. (Courtesy of Cassia/Credit: Bryant Ng)

"Everything Hook & Ladder" subs are on Super Bowl "rewards" menu at Firehouse Subs chain. (Courtesy of Firehouse Subs)

The "Couch Bites Platter" is among Super Bowl takeout platters & bundles at Truxton's American Bistro menus in Torrance, Santa Monica and Westchester/Los Angeles. (Courtesy of Truxton's American Bistro)

Panera Bread’s new Pepperoni and Four Cheese Flatbread Pizzas added to Family Feast value meals just in time for Game Day. (Courtesy of Panera Bread)

If the game goes into overtime, it's free wings for all at Buffalo Wild Wings! (Courtesy: Buffalo Wild Wings/Inspire Brands/@BradleyCrosby)

Acapulco eateries in O.C. and L.A. area have build-your-own taco & beer bundles ready to go for Super Bowl 2021. (Courtesy of Acapulco)

SOL Mexican Cocina in Newport Beach and Playa Vista is prepping Super Bowl takeout specials. (Courtesy of SOL Mexican Cocina)

Hanson of Sonoma is featuring a DIY Bloody Mary Kit for Super Bowl Sunday for pick-up or shipping.. (Courtesy of Hanson of Sonoma)

Enjoy the game with the "Fajitas and Margs Party Pack" from El Torito restaurants in NorCal and SoCal. (Courtesy of El Torito)

Solita in Huntington Beach and Valencia are selling a Super Bowl "Taco & Margarita Party Pack." (Courtesy of Solita Tacos & Margaritas)

Market Tavern LA's "English Roast" special can be ordered for Super Bowl Sunday from Original Farmers Market, Los Angeles. (Courtesy of Market Tavern LA)

Make Game Day sweet and tasty with a special-edition football cake from Paris Baguette bakeries in California. (Courtesy of Paris Baguette)

Celebrate Game Day with Domino’s $5.99 mix & match deal. (Courtesy of Domino’s)

Eureka! puts its wings and beer in a “Supper” Bowl Sunday takeout special for Game Day. (Courtesy of Eureka!)

The "Super Bowl Fried Chicken Package" serves four to six from Birdie G's in Santa Monica. (Credit Lindsey Huttrer)

101 North in Westlake Village has a Super Bowl Sunday to-go special, with steak sliders, on the menu. (Courtesy of 101 North Eatery & Bar)

Veggie Grill locales in Greater L.A. are offering a Family Meal Deal for Super Bowl Sunday. (Courtesy of Veggie Grill)

LOS ANGELES COUNTY, CA — Super Bowl LV is set Sunday, Feb. 7, at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL, as the Kansas City Chiefs will face off against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

And, let's be honest, never mind the teams. Sometimes it's all about the snacks and party spread. Whether your go-to Super Bowl faves are pizza, wings, ribs, fried chicken, tacos or chips and dip, restaurants throughout Greater L.A. are at the ready with to-go specials to meet every taste and budget.

At Patch, we've rounded up some of the best deals in the region, so scroll through to see what appeals near you.

If you know of other super, Super Bowl eatery offers, let readers know in the comments section.

And from all of us at Patch, enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday!

ACAPULCO RESTAURANT & CANTINA: Treat your Game Day gang to a feast of build-your-own-tacos (ground or shredded beef or chicken) with corn tortilla shells, soft corn or flour tortillas or a combo, plus toppings. Also ready for takeout: the Beer Bundle ($9, serving up to six). Locations in Costa Mesa, Downey, Long Beach and Glendale.

APPLEBEE'S GRILL & BAR: Eat like a champ with 40 free, boneless wings, with your choice of wing flavor and dipping sauce, with every $40 online order placed on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 7. Add the wings to your cart, then use promo code BIGGAME at checkout. While supplies last and only at participating restaurants. Details here. Location finder here.

BALTAIRE: The Brentwood eatery is offering such Game Day packages as the Mezze Platter, Burrata & Prosciutto Platter, Wood Grilled Lamb Chop Platter, Spicy Lamb Meatball Platter and grill-at-home Butchered Burgers and Center Cut Filets. The restaurant is at 11647 San Vicente Blvd., Los Angeles. Follow this link to order. Order deadline is Feb. 4, with pick-up Feb. 7.

BIRDIE G'S: Set a feast with the "Super Bowl Fried Chicken Package," ($99.99) for four to six people. It includes a whole, fried chicken with red & green hot sauces, fries & aioli, mac & cheese kugel and a Caesar or chopped salad. Add-ons options: craft beer, cocktails and wine. Order deadline is 5 p.m. Friday, Feb. 5 for curbside pickup Sunday, Feb. 7 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Call 310-310-3616 or order online via Tock. Birdie G's is at 2421 Michigan Ave. Santa Monica.

BJ'S RESTAURANT & BREWHOUSE: "Tailgate" from home with a $64.95 "Homegating Pack," featuring a large pizza, chips & dip, two appetizers and a 64-ounce beverage - non-alcoholic or signature beers. Offer info here. Location finder here.

BLACK ANGUS STEAKHOUSE: "Game Time Meal Deals" are lined up for Super Bowl Sunday. Among options: Steakhouse Cheeseburger Meal Pack ($59.99, serves four) with four patties, stacked with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and topped with onion rings, plus fries, salad and cookies the Happy Hour To-Go Pack ($29.99 for four) with such starters such as Loaded Potato Skins, Three Cheese Garlic Bread, Crispy Fried Garlic-Pepper Zucchini and Steak Quesadilla or Game Time Feast ($21.99-$99.99 for 10-12) letting customers order favorites in larger quantities, including BBQ ribs, shrimp, spinach & artichoke dip and chili. Info here. Location finder here.

BLAZE PIZZA: The artisanal pizza maker is upping its Big Game offerings. Deals include: one large pepperoni pizza for $9.95 and a "Party of One Bundle" with an 11-inch, one-topping pizza and drink for $7.95. Also on tap: "Cheesy Bread Bundle" with a large, two-topping pizza, two beverages and the new Cheesy Bread for $20.95 and two large, two-topping pizzas for $22. More info. There are 104 Blaze Pizza shops in the Golden State. Find one near you here.

BOA STEAKHOUSE: On tap are game-day specials, including a Fried Chicken Bucket ($38) and a "DIY Game Day Kit for Two," starting at $73 with choice of two salads, two entrees, two sides and two cookie-dough balls. Also available for Super Bowl Sunday: "DIY Wagyu Burger Basket" $58 "Bring BOA to the Table Sides" - $20 each for mac n cheese, loaded mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts and bacon, sauteed spinach, grilled asparagus, smashed broccoli or BOA specialty cocktails: 8 ounces ($15) or 16 ounces ($28). Pre-order by 5 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 6 for pick up Sunday, Feb. 7. BOA restaurants are in Santa Monica and West Hollywood. Ordering links here.

BUFFALO WILD WINGS: If the Big Game on Feb. 7 goes into overtime, Buffalo Wild Wings is giving out free wings on Monday, Feb. 22 from 4 p.m. -7 p.m. One free order of boneless or traditional, six-count chicken wings will be handed out to patrons during those hours at participating locations. No purchase required, and the offer is while supplies last. Details here. Confirm participation with your nearest Buffalo Wild Wings.

CASSIA: Even if the "Big Game" proves to be a big dud, spice up the day with the "La Zi Ji," a limited-time, spicy popcorn chicken hoagie from the Santa Monica restaurant. Chef Bryant Ng took inspiration from the Sichuan stir-fried dish la zi ji - spicy, marinated, deep-fried chicken to create a chicken sandwich on a warm roll with Sichuan peppercorn mayo, Provolone, pickles, marinated Chinese broccoli, scallions and sesame. For $39 (serves two), the takeout hoagie comes with a Caesar salad and fries dusted with Vietnamese-Cajun seasoning. Orders are taken via Tock. Cassia also has a Family Meal (for two-12), offering spicy minced duck dan dan noodles, lemongrass chicken fried rice, spicy wontons & more. Cassia is at 1314 7th St. in Santa Monica.

DICKEY'S BARBECUE PIT: The BBQ chain has big deals for the big game, including: Dickey's Big Yellow Box Ribs & Wings Party Pack ($115), 18 ribs, 24 wings, mac-and-cheese, cole slaw, rolls, BBQ sauce and Ranch dressing. (Participation may vary by location) Pit-Smoked Wings in six, nine, 12, 18 & 24 pieces Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs in six, nine, 12, 18 & 24 pieces and Dickey's 80th Anniversary Combo ($8.80) – a Pulled Pork Classic Sandwich, side and Double Berry Cobbler. Plus, kids 12 and under eat free on Sundays, so score a free kid's meal with orders of $10 or more using code KEFOLO. However, that freebie is at participating Dickey's only and not valid with other discounts or promos. See offers and ordering info at this link. Statewide location finder here.

DOMINO'S: Celebrate Game Day with a $5.99 mix and match deal. Choose two or more from the following items for $5.99 each: medium two-topping pizzas Bread Twists salads, Marbled Cookie Brownies Specialty Chicken Oven Baked Sandwiches Stuffed Cheesy Bread boneless chicken wings or pasta. (Handmade Pan Pizza, bone-in wings and bread bowl pasta will be extra. Some crust types, toppings, sauces and premium items may have additional charge at participating locations.) Follow this link for ordering.

EL TORITO: Enjoy the game with the "Fajitas and Margs Party Pack" ($60, serves four) with chicken or steak fajitas, refried beans or frijoles de la olla, tortillas, rice, chips & salsa. The Party Pack also comes with a pitcher of El Torito's House Margarita, which customers can upgrade to a Cadillac Margarita for $5 more. Website here. Restaurants are in Northern and Southern California.

EUREKA!: The eatery's Super Bowl deal, "Eureka!'s Supper Bowl," ($40) comes with two, 32-ounce craft beer-bags to-go, accompanied by two pounds of crispy wings (tossed in choice of firecracker aioli, orange chile glaze, Eureka! Dry Rub or BBQ) and two orders of signature fries. Available all day "Supper Bowl Sunday" for takeout. Order here. Location link here.

FIREHOUSE SUBS: If you love a sub sandwich, don't miss these deals that coincide with Super Bowl Sunday. On Game Day, Firehouse Subs Rewards are offering triple points on Hook & Ladder and Italian subs of any size. To be eligible for rewards, download Firehouse Subs app. Also see the Family Meal Deal that features 10% off any half platter (subs & snack or subs & salad). Order online or on app. Location finder here.

HANSON OF SONOMA DISTILLERY: Snag a DIY Bloody Mary Kit for Super Bowl Sunday, complete with bottle of Hanson Vodka (original or habanero), Sonoma Gourmet Organic Bloody Mary mix, two mason jars, game-day napkins and cocktail skewers and a recipe card — for $60. All you have to do is combine the ingredients, and enjoy! Can be shipped or picked up at the distillery at 22985 Burndale Road in Sonoma. Info here.

IHOP: Enjoy game day at home with IHOP's new, limited-time "Game Day Family Feast" available to-go for $27.99. Included: crispy chicken strips (in BBQ, Franks's RedHot Buffalo or original flavor) with dipping sauce and French fries. For an additional $2.99, add churro bites with cupcake icing dipping sauce. For free delivery, order through Uber Eats. Prices may vary by location. Find your nearest IHOP here.

IKE'S LOVE & SANDWICHES: Knock $5 off your sandwich order of $20 or more on Super Bowl Sunday by using the Ike's app. (Every Wednesday, too!) See website here. Find locations statewide.

KATANA: Enjoy the game while enjoying Sushi Family Packs and Game Day drink specials. Sushi packs start at $95 for the Allstar Specialty Roll Pack that serves four. Other more elaborate options: Sushi Family Pack or Hot Family Pack, each serving four for $109 or the $178 Signature Pack with Sushi Family Pack or the Signature Pack with Hot Family Pack, both serving four or more. Katana is at 8439 W. Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood. Follow this link for ordering info.

MADRE!: The eatery specializing in Oaxacan cuisine is offering a Super Bowl package ($125) that feeds four with: chips, guacamole, salsa & mole cocktelito - shrimp, octopus, cilantro, onions, avocado, tomato & Salsa de Chile Seco eight tacos - two asada, two carnitas, two cauliflower & two chicken plus eight margaritas or eight Micheladas. Order via ChowNow, Tock or by calling the restaurants. L.A.-area locations in Palms, Torrance and West Hollywood.

MARKET TAVERN LA: The recent reopening of this Brit-inspired eatery at the Original Farmers Market means "Sunday Roast" specials are back, and the Super Bowl is on a — yay! — Sunday. So if you want to view the game while dining on a traditional English Roast with all the trimmings, follow this link to order. Market Tavern LA is at the Original Farmers Market, 6333 W. 3rd St., #706, Los Angeles.

101 NORTH EATERY & BAR: The Westlake Village restaurant is offering a Super Bowl Sunday special ($160) for takeout or delivery. The meal serves four to six and includes: Stuffed Shishito Peppers Shaved Steak Sliders W/ Mushrooms, Onion, Taleggio Pork Chile Verde Con Queso Fresno Chili Wings Housemade Tortilla Chips Roasted Tomato Salsa Avocado Salsa Verde and Chocolate-Dipped Smore Cookie Sandwiches. Orders due by Feb. 4. 101 North is at 30760 Russell Ranch Road, Westlake Village.

PANDA EXPRESS: Expiring on Super Bowl Sunday: an offer for a $29 Family Meal with delivery fee. Included three entrees and two sides. Info here. Location finder here.

PANERA BREAD: Just in time for Game Day, the restaurant has added two new Family Feast Value Meals with Pepperoni and Four Cheese Flatbread Pizzas. The bundles offer two flatbread pizzas and two salads for $23 or three flatbread pizzas and three salads for $29. Choose between variety of flatbread pizzas along with a Caesar or Greek salad. (Pricing may vary by location.) Ordering details here. Find your nearest Panera here.

PARIS BAGUETTE: A limited-edition, football-shaped Game Day cake, featuring three layers of rich, chocolate cake filled with silky, sweet cream and chocolate pearls, can be ordered through Feb. 7 at California bakeries. Sure to make your at-home viewing party more tasty, the dessert also is available for shipping nationwide. Use link here for ordering. Paris Baguette locations are throughout the state.

PATXI'S PIZZA: Go big with this one-day only "Big Game Combo" featuring two, 10-inch deep-dish pizzas, one, 14-inch thin-crust speciality, one large Caesar salad, garlic bread, 20 wings and a side of veggies with ranch for $150. Available Sunday, Feb. 7 only, the offer is for take-out by phone, online or via Patxi's app — not via third-party delivery services. Patxi's are throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Porter Ranch.

PIEOLOGY PIZZERIA: Receive $5 off any $25 purchase or more using code BIGGAME21 online or in-store on Sunday, Feb. 7. For larger crowds: "The Big Game Pack" comes with four, custom pizzas, Ooey Gooey Cheese Bread and a shareable dessert for $50. Follow this link to order. The chain has locations statewide.

PLAYA PROVISIONS: "Top Chef" winner Brooke Williamson & husband Nick Roberts are prepping a "Super Bowl Pack," a $120 feast for four, with heat-and-eat Sourdough Crab, Cheese & Spinach Dip Bowl Pickled Habanero Glazed Wings with blue cheese dressing and crudite Soft Pretzels with whole grain mustard and assorted mini cookies. Beer, wine and cocktails can be added. Pre-order by Thursday, Feb. 4 online here or call (310) 683-5019. Playa Provisions is at 119 Culver Blvd., Playa del Rey.

POP!S BURGERS & SHAKES: Go for a win with a special-offer, takeout box of four burgers, 20 wings, fries and four drinks for $40. Location is at SocialEats, 1315 3rd St. Promenade in Santa Monica. Follow link here to see wing flavors and customizable burger options.

RANDY'S DONUTS: It's a Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers donut showdown Saturday, Feb. 6 and Sunday, Feb. 7 at shops in Inglewood, El Segundo, Torrance, Pasadena, Downey. Priced $2.85 apiece, the festive, raised donuts feature icing and sprinkles to match the teams. Check here for store addresses and hours, plus online ordering info for pick-up and catering.

RED LOBSTER: "Big Game Bundles" are on the menu for a whole week, Feb. 1-7. Choose from: "CYO Big Game Bundle," with choice of three seafood dishes, two large sides, eight Cheddar Bay Biscuits and a Pepsi four-pack or "Ultimate Big Game Bundle," with Maine lobster tails, snow crab, shrimp scampi, Walt's Favorite Shrimp, two large sides, eight Cheddar Bay Biscuits and a Pepsi four-pack. Orders can be placed here for to-go or delivery.

RUBIO'S COASTAL GRILL: All locales are offering a "Buy One Entrée, Get One Entrée Free" deal Super Bowl weekend, Feb. 6-7. Available to all Rubio's Rewards members: Sign up online at this link or download the Rubio's app to receive the offer. See menu, and find locations here.

RUSTIC CANYON: Enjoy Game Day with the "Super Bowl Snack Tray," package for $110 that feeds four to eight with grilled wings, fries, pasta salad, raw veggies, dipping sauces and warming instructions. Pre-ordering deadline is Feb. 5. Curbside pickup: Feb. 7 from 1 p.m.-2 p.m. Call 310-393-7050 or order online via Tock. Rustic Canyon is at 1119 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica.

SAM'S CRISPY CHICKEN: Feed the game-day gang with the $35 "Big Game Spread," that includes one Original Sam's Crispy Chicken Sandwich, one Classic sandwich, one Sam's Chicken and Waffle Sandwich, three Waffle Fries and 12 Chicken Tenders, plus Texas toast, pickles and classic sauce. The offer is for delivery or pick-up Feb. 1-7. Locations in San Francisco, Costa Mesa, Anaheim and throughout Los Angeles County. Details here.

SAN PEDRO FISH MARKET: Seafood lovers, gear up for your Super Bowl dream: the limited- edition "Big Game Tray." The $99.99 feast feeds 10 and is available through Feb. 7 for takeout, outdoor dining or delivery from all San Pedro Fish Market and Grille locations in San Pedro, Long Beach, Wilmington, Harbor City and Rolling Hills Estates. Find info & ordering details here.

SLAB BBQ: SLAB Super Bowl packages feed four to 20 people with combos of wings, chicken, ribs, pulled pork, brisket and sides. Order at this link for delivery or pick-up. SLAB is at 8136 W. 3rd St., Los Angeles.

SOL MEXICAN COCINA: Locales in Newport Beach and Playa Vista have a Game Day takeout "Taco & Margarita Party Pack" ($65, serves three-five) that includes six street tacos (chicken, carnitas or black bean sweet potato), sides of guacamole and TJ chicken Caesar salad, plus SOL's famed House Margarita. Ordering info here. Restaurants at 251 Pacific Coast Highway, Newport Beach and 12775 Millennium Drive in Playa Vista.

SOLITA TACOS & MARGARITAS: Solita's Taco & Margarita Party Pack ($65 for three to five people) includes six street tacos (chicken, carnitas or tofu), along with two sides of Solita guacamole and ensalada ranchera. The party pack also comes with bottled House Margarita, which provides five to six margaritas. Website here. Locations at 7631 Edinger Ave. in Huntington Beach and 24201 Valencia Blvd., Valencia.

SONIC DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT: Get a free large drink or slush through Feb. 8 with any purchase using promo code PUPPY BOWL. Info here. Locations are statewide: Find one near you.

SUSHI ROKU: Sushi Family Packs and Game Day drink specials are on the menu for Super Bowl Sunday. Sushi packs start at $95 for the Allstar Specialty Roll Pack that serves four. Other more elaborate options: Sushi Family Pack or Hot Family Pack, each serving four for $109 or the $178 Signature Pack with Sushi Family Pack or the Signature Pack with Hot Family Pack, both serving four or more. Follow this link for info. Locations in Santa Monica, Pasadena and Newport Beach.

TRUXTON'S AMERICAN BISTRO: Feed the gang with Super Bowl platters and bundles from Truxton's. Choose from: "Taco Party Platter" ($75), with 18 street tacos (chicken tinga, al pastor, Baja fish or curry cauliflower), sides of corn poblano rice & beans and tortilla chips with pico de gallo or the "Couch Bites Platter" ($70) featuring tinga taquitos, firecracker chicken skewers and buffalo cauliflower with dipping sauces. Other options: Pasta Family Bundle ($55) Meatloaf Family Bundle ($65) Salmon Family Bundle ($90) and Chicken Family Bundle ($65). All serve four to five. Orders required 24 hours in advance. See link here. Locations in Torrance, Santa Monica and Westchester/Los Angeles.

UMAMI BURGER: Planned for Super Bowl week, Feb. 1-7, is the "Ultimate Game Day Feast," a $40 deal that includes two Double Cheeseburgers, two BBQ Bacon Burgers, Cheesy Tots, Thin Fries, sweet potato fries and onion rings. Order here for delivery or pick-up. Locations in San Francisco, Oakland, Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Los Feliz, DTLA and The Grove Los Angeles. Some sites may feature outdoor dining with TVs.

VEGGIE GRILL: A "Family Meal Deal" ($39.95) with four entrees and choice of two sides or one starter is a Super Bowl takeout option at locales throughout Greater L.A. See website here. Location finder here.

YARD HOUSE: Celebrate with a "Tailgate Takeout Pack" a four-person, $50 deal featuring chicken nachos, wings (traditional, boneless or Gardein, with choice of sauce) and a choice of two pizzas. Add-ons can include a 64-ounce growler of such beer as the new Yard House and Stone Brewing collaboration, Southern Pass Texas Lager. Offer info here. Follow this link for California locations.

YOSHINOYA: A $14.99 "Combo Feast Deal" is on the menu, featuring two combo bowls, four spring rolls and four boneless wings. Order for pick-up or delivery through the Yoshinoya app with coupon code BIGGAME. Find California locales here.

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