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Caravaggio, Uffizi Gallery, Florence (Italy)

In Greek mythology Diòniso (or Dionìso) is the most important terrestrial deity.

Diòniso is the only one among the celestials who did not have two gods as parents. He had for father Zeus and for mother the mortal Semele, daughter of Cadmus king of Thebes. When pregnant Seleme died prematurely, Zeus took Dionysus from her womb and sewed him into her thigh where she kept him until birth.

He is known above all as the god of wine as it is said that he invented the art of its manufacture and of the humidity of the earth that brings the fruits to ripeness. Over time, he also became famous as a god of well-being and civilization and as a god of joy and happiness. He was credited with the art of divination and the property of healing ills.

Dionysus and his entourage, ancient relief

Dionysus was also a god with a complex character in fact we find him merciful and merciful for example towards Ariadne (see Myth of Theseus and Ariadne) and Pan (see Myth of Pan) but sometimes instigator (see Myth of Orpheus and Eurydice).

The cult of Dionysus was widespread throughout Greece and Asia Minor and in his honor the Dionysian feasts and the Nittelian feasts were celebrated and it is said that his influence on artists, writers, sculptors, painters was very great as evidenced by the numerous testimonies left through poems, tragedies, statues, frescoes.

Depending on the era and the artists he is represented in various ways: now as a good-looking boy, now as a bearded and robust young man, now as a fat and buffoonish old man. It is often adorned with shoots and clusters of grapes and ivy. In fact, the vine and the ivy were sacred to Dionysus and among the animals the dolphin, the lynx, the tiger, the lion and the goat.

Dionysus in the Latin mythology he is identified as Bacchus (the etymology is not known) and merged with the free god.

Michelangelo, National Museum of the Bargello
Florence (Italy)

Fountain of Dionysus
Boboli Gardens, Florence (Italy)

Sick bacchus
Caravaggio, Galleria Borghese, Rome (Italy)

Bearded Dionysus
ancient sculpture

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