Creative Succulent Displays – Fun Ways To Plant Succulents

By: Becca Badgett, Co-author of How to Grow an EMERGENCY Garden

Are you a recent succulent enthusiast? Maybe you’ve been growing succulents for a long time now. Either way, you find yourself searching for some fun ways to plant and display these unique plants. Various methods are offered online, but we’ve grouped some of them together here, offering some unusual succulent design ideas.

Creative Succulent Displays

Here are some unusual planting options for succulents:

  • Frames: One of the quirky ways to use succulents is to fit them inside a picture frame without glass. A traditional frame offers an interesting spot for your echeverias or other rosette topped plants. Attach a shallow planting container underneath. Cover with wire to help hold the soil. You can use a color-wheel design when planting your frame or alternate between different colors or shades. Cuttings are ideal for use in this project. Let the plants root in well before hanging this succulent wall planter, indoors or outside.
  • Birdcage: If there’s an empty cage around that’s not being used, try adding a layer of soil and some succulents to cover the bottom. Trailing succulents can be trained around the upward prongs. Plant taller aloes and agaves near the back, with others descending in height as you move outward.
  • Terrariums: Plant an enclosed container like a terrarium or glass globe. Limit watering of these, as they hold onto their transpiration inside such containers. You’ll witness this by the water droplets on the inside.
  • Book: Choose a book with a classic or interesting title, allowing the spine that displays the title to face outward so the title is readable. Hollow out a space within the book’s pages and the outer cover just the right size to fit a shallow container into it. Plant with a few succulent plants. Include a couple with a trailing habit.
  • Birdbath: If there’s one you’re not using or that doesn’t take a prominent place in the landscape, it might look great planted with succulents. Only plant those with a removeable top part. Without a drainage hole, you’ll have to commit to emptying the water regularly. If you’re expecting a long-lasting rain event, move the planted part somewhere out of the rain.
  • Tree Stump Plantings: If you have decomposing stumps on your property, take advantage of these as succulent planters. For year-round plantings, even in cold winters, grow sempervivums, along with some trailing sedum varieties like Dragon’s Blood. Add soil in the crevices; it does not have to be deep. The hens and chicks will spread down the sides of the stump, providing more plants for you to use.

You’ll think of more fun ways to plant succulents when you’re concentrating on your projects. Many of us are always looking for new ideas to grow and display our succulent plants. What better way to allow your creative juices to flow and run amok?

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11 Unusual Succulent Plants for Your Garden

Is your knowledge of succulent plants based on that dusty jade plant in the office corner? The popularity of succulent plants has exploded in recent years, due not only to the low-care requirements of these sun lovers but also because of the diversity of these fascinating plants. Special anatomical adaptations and colors make some succulents look like they belong more on another planet than on your windowsill. Here are 11 unusual succulents that will add personality and distinction to your garden or houseplant collection.

The way you display your plants and flower can be extremely creative and fun if you are a crafty person and thus it would really brighten up your outdoor decor. Like here the is the most unique and the cutest way to hold and display the succulents using the tiny little bird cages and hanging them around in the patio, garden and yard to spruce up the decor level. See the complete tutorial right here to give it a try succulentsandsunshine

You don’t to buy the expensive planters and hefty priced holders to let your cute succulents rest in as you can so damn nicely and cheaply do it with the old cups from your kitchen. Here the lovely teacup succulent planters have been shown filled up with the soil and colored stones making it look really more jazzed up for your table, mantle or shelf decor.Know this cute and fun idea more here tattooedmartha

Amazing Succulent Garden Designs

Creating appealing succulent garden designs near your front porch isn't as hard as it may appear. Given the right soil, water, and light conditions, you too can have an aesthetically pleasing array of succulent plants.

Known for both their textures, shapes, and colors, succulents are gaining in popularity.

Combine that with being a low maintenance landscape design and its no wonder they are appealing to many.

Front porch succulent garden landscaping

It is easy to integrate succulents with perennials or annuals to maximize curb appeal.

Integrate succulents with perennials

Mary and I had the pleasure of finding this wonderful succulent garden design during our travels and wanted to share it with you to give you some front porch landscaping ideas.

Mary and I are not succulent experts by any means but wanted to show you how our friend Frank used succulents to landscape the hillside in front of his home with pictures of succulents.

It is a splendid display that we couldn't resist. We thought we'd also offer a few tips for landscaping with succulents we picked up along the way.

Front porch succulent garden landscaping

Frank's succulent garden design is typical of collector-style landscaping whereby gardeners relish a variety of species. By doing so, you create something very unique in color, texture, and form to enjoy year round.

Diverse succulent garden landscaping

Video: See Frank's Succulent Garden

Everywhere we looked in Frank's garden, it was such beauty

Succulent gardens area perfect for areas of limited size and are popular with those who have small porches. Use them along walk ways and entrances add a bit of whimsy whether it be of rocks or other items as shown below.

A touch of whimsy amongst the succulents

Use succulents as a ground cover to not only fill spaces but also create a carpet of color and to form a cohesive look. This also adds lots of appeal if landscaping next to your walkway or steps leading to the front porch.

Succulent ground cover

Sloping locations are ideas for succulents and cacti. Hillsides and mounded terrain are perfect for a succulent garden and make it easier to control the right amount of water and drainage.

Most assume succulents do not need much water they grow in the desert, right?

Much to the contrary, these beautiful plants need to be watered deeply only when they really need it.

Water when the soil has almost lost its moisture. You can use a pH meter or an easier way I'm told, is to lay a flat rock on the soil.

If there is moisture when you lift it, don't water. If it's dry - water thoroughly.

Hillside succulents

By definition, succulents store water in their leaves, stems, and roots. In Latin the word “succulent” means “juice.” The cacti of which we are most familiar are succulents however, not all succulents are cacti.

Cacti have what are called "spine cushions". These are areas from which the spines and flowers grow. Although some succulents have spines, they do not have cushions.

Picturesque array of succulents plants

Succulent Garden Design Ideas

Create vibrant succulent garden designs by planting them en mass. One method is to plant a tall succulent in the center and smaller ones around it. Diversify both color and textures for a unique look.

Arrange to enhance both color and texture

We understand the most common issue with growing succulents is rot.

Be sure to keep stems from touching the soil and provide sufficient drying times between watering. Keep the leaves dry by watering at the base.

Color makes all the difference

Succulents are unique by color and form

As you can see, planting succulents along your front porch adds interest like no other plants can.

Succulents planted in front of porch column

We hope you enjoyed not only the pictures but the tips as well. Creating captivating succulent garden designs around your front porch can make for some unique landscaping everyone will enjoy.

Be sure to see all of our porch landscaping ideas!


Creative Succulent Planter Ideas

Once I started researching it, I found that there are dozens and dozens of ways to display your houseplants, and especially your succulents, rather than just sticking them in a boring pot!

I have 4 dogs, 4 cats, and 3 kids… so having pots on my windowsills is just not practical. So I was particularly drawn to wall-mounted and hanging succulent planter ideas. (A lot of plants are toxic to kids, cats, and dogs, so be aware of where you place them.)

Not sure what houseplant is ight for you?

Take my Houseplant Quiz to find your PERFECT plant!


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